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Magenta Clothing Company are looking for individuals who can sell our products.
No outlay required, No training required, simply refer your friends, famiy, existing clients or new clients to purchase our products from your own web-page (supplied).

Commissions paid out weekly/monthly.

We will supply dedicated shopping web-pages for you to share or use in your marketing.
No location or type requirements, all are welcome to join my Sales Team.

Here's what you'll get.

1 x Sellers package with our logo but your contact details.

1 x Unique Sellers Web-page..

This will be your starting page with all items briefly listed.

10 x universal Product pages.

The product pages are universal, your customers make their sale by returning to your Unique page.

The next bit is down to you!

Sign up, get familiar with the products, start marketing & sharing!

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