My Referral Team

Increasing your Sales force!

Our Thought-Process.

Did you notice? You seem to be getting less and less return on your advertising!
There are many reasons for this that we cannot influence easily.

So let's increase your Sales-force with minnimum outlay and effort.

Invite your friends (or strangers) to sell your products or service through their own dedicated web-page.
Imagine your sales efforts multiplied by 10 or even 20 times.

We'll create a referral package with 10 Unique Seller pages & 10 Product/service pages for your team to use in their advertising and sales efforts.

Here's what you'll get.

Images and Logos will be used from your existing media to ensure continuity.

1 x Supplier Home-page.

A home-page which you can use to attract new sellers to your team.

10 x Product Pages.

Containing images and descriptive text.

10 x Unique Seller pages.

Showing brief descriptions of all products with payment button.

Our Pricing

Our Service is not free (sorry)...but it's certainly not expensive!

Setup/Admin fee.

Our Setup fee is 5,000~thb.
As all our work for your package is done prior to your team using it, this ensures the package isn't discarded after a few days or weeks (and so wasting our time).
As an incentive we will pay for the 12th months fees.

Monthly fee.

The monthly fee is 999~thb.
This fee is paid monthly in advance with every 12th month paid by us an incentive to succeed and a thankyou.

Consider this.

Each of your team will be costing you 100~thb per month, if any team member is not creating 100~thb in a month then they can easily be replaced!
Alternatively you could deduct or charge a fee to your team to cover this cost (and a little more if desired).

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